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We’re seeing higher-than-normal cases of gastrointestinal virus, more nausea and diarrhea but some vomiting, again.  The health department presumes this to be Norovirus—it’s a common GI bug, and it’s common to see a rise in incidence this time of year.  Things you can do: 


  • Wash your hands like crazy! 
  • Use bleach-based products to clean your home bathroom and kitchen (lots of families re-infect each other, and bleach products kill this virus-many others do not).
  • Wash keyboards with alcohol wipes—there have been outbreaks traced to keyboards with multiple users.
  • Wash laundry of an infected person separately and wash your hands well after cleaning up after a sick person.
  • Stay home if you’re actively sick, and don’t prepare food for others while you are sick.


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