• MoCo's Got Talent!

    By Sara Adams, Editor

    The Crawfordsville High School Alumni Association just sponsored its second annual “MoCo’s Got Talent.” The event was held in the CHS auditorium on February 8th and featured students from all around the county. The talent show serves as a fundraiser for scholarships that the group gives CHS students. Dericka Jeffers won the competition with an aerial act, with singer Angelina Leon-Leyva winning second and harpist Taylor Mermoud placing third. Crawfordsville’s own Kazziah Hayes (‘23) and Domminque Hall received an honorable mention. Thanks for making MoCo proud!

  • Cats Comes to Crawfordsville

    By Abby Maurer

         This spring, Crawfordsville High School will be orchestrating and performing a musical, and that musical is Cats! Originally a Broadway show, Cats has found its way into the spotlight, after a live-action movie was released last year. The film was rated quite poorly in comparison to its live-theater counterpart, and the film only earned a 2.8/10 rating on IMDb. The theatrical version, which was written by T.S. Eliot, was a huge hit when it was first performed in 1980. It remained as a staple example of clever broadway acting through the years, which prompted the live-action movie to be made. This movie is what inspired our musical director to have Cats be our annual musical, and the actors in it are working very hard to prepare for the showing. Rehearsals have been much more frequent, as the big two nights of the show are just under a month away! All of the roles are working hard to get their characters down and perfect the show. The two showings will be on March 12th and March 14th, which is approaching fairly soon to the individuals in the production. The show will be around an hour long, starting at 7 pm and ending at 8 pm on both nights. So, if you want to experience a wonderful adaptation of a classic Broadway show, head down to the CHS auditorium, along with admission money, which will be posted shortly, on those two nights! Some teachers may also be offering extra credit if you attend one of the nights, so you can have some fun with friends, support our CHS arts, and raise your GPA at the same time. Come on down for a night of fun to see what the cast has been working on for months!

  • Get to Know Our Galentine's and Valentine's

    By CHS Staff


    Marla, Logan, and Briana are making memories

    Marla, Logan, and Briana have been in their “supportive, carefree, and dysfunctional but fun” friendship for almost three years. So they obviously have plans to appreciate each other on Valentines Day. Even though they have to work they “will still show [their] appreciation towards each other during school” and “make little valentines to give to them.” Whatever they plan to do they know it’s never going to be “a dull moment with any of them, and it's all laughs whenever we're together” says Marla.

    Jessie and Gracie get ready for Galentine's

    When Jessie and Grace attended rehearsal for “The Lion King Jr three years ago” they became so close that they are “like siblings, it’s crazy.” Even though they don’t have many plans for Valentines Day they usually “bake, talk a lot, and we love to listen to music.”

    Morales and Rainwater are made to be friends

     Crawfordsville High School welcomed Mrs. Morales, one of our two Spanish teachers, into its family of teachers in the fall of 2013. After spending time in the colorful streets of Spain and white sand beaches of Puerto Rico, you would expect the corn-filled countryside of Indiana to be bland to Señora Morales. But, she immediately had a spark with Mrs. Rainwater, one of our social studies teachers, when they met only a few days before the 2013-2014 school year started. Their first impressions of each other were that they both looked “very sweet, kind, and approachable”, and they had a connection right away. They both think that, even if they had met under different conditions outside of their jobs, they would still definitely be friends, because their connection was just that unique! They enjoy spending time together outside the walls of CHS, too, often going shopping for makeup, going out to eat, and having puppy play-dates with their dogs. They share important and tender memories around Mrs. Morales’ wedding, in which they chose her dress together, made the signs for the reception, and helped to decorate her venue. Mrs. Rainwater even had the opportunity to do her best friend’s nails right before the wedding and to introduce the wedding party at Mrs. Morales’ wedding. Their sense of humor collides perfectly and they say that cracking jokes and laughing at silly, sometimes stupid things can help them get through long and tough days together. And, just like any amazing friendship, they feel that they always have each other’s backs through any hard times they may have to endure, and neither of them will ever have to go through anything alone, as long as they have each other’s backs. So, next time you’re walking through the hallways of Crawfordsville High School and see a pair of friends laughing and enjoying each others company, remember that there are friendships all throughout the school, even within our amazing family of teachers!

    Meet Brainard's Bae

    A teacher chosen to be interviewed was newly engaged English teacher, Mr. Brainard. Mr. Brainard met his fiancee at the Joshua cup in downtown Crawfordsville on a rainy Saturday. He proposed to her over winter break. The two went to Indianapolis for a “date night,” and after dinner they went to the Newfields light display. Mr. Brainard proposed on Snowflake Bridge, where he had friends and family waiting to come out and surprise her. Their relationship can be described as “fun and cooperative” the two are also very social “We like to be social and play board games and music with friends. We also like to spend time with just one another, cooking, and watching movies. “ When asked about what Valentine’s day meant to him, he shared his thoughts on how he feels it’s become more of a commercial holiday “To me, Valentine's Day has warped into a commercial holiday that takes advantage of a day intended to celebrate a saint who died to preserve the sacrament of marriage.”