• Delicious Drinks

    By Claire Edwards

    Coffee shops are thriving, as you should all know considering we just got a new one added to our collection of places to go to in Crawfordsville. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Possibly because of the many ways to prepare it, making it sweet or bitter to match our preferred taste, or the stimulating effect it has on us, making us more awake, alert, and ready to go in the early morning. But of course coffee isn’t the only factor that makes these shops thrive. Their availability and atmosphere helps the community decide which is good and which isn’t. So where are the comforting coffee shops we can visit in Crawfordville for good drinks? 

    From the Freshman class Ellie Mills prefers the coffee she gets from 1832 Brew. They're reputation is built upon their unique taste and great quality, which is how you know it’s got to be good. They’re located in Wabash College library, which may not seem to be accessible to the students of CHS but luckily they have a catering food truck that goes to many popular events held in Crawfordsville which is a perfect time to get a taste of what they have to offer. Speaking of what they have to offer their menu consists of a wide variety of drinks for kids and adults ranging from sugary frappes to hot coffee. Ellie’s recommendation from the menu is a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

    Jonnie Young, a Sophomore, says that he doesn’t like coffee because of its taste but that doesn’t have to deter you away from these shops. Among all of the places you can find delicious teas and treats to indulge in. Jonnie visits The Parthenon; where you can find welcoming baristas and non-coffee drinks. Such as Itlian Sodas, Frozen Lemonades, and Frozen Caramel Apple Cider, which is a wonderful reason to go whether you enjoy coffee or not. 

    Senior Savannah Galbert, who’s been a barista there for a few years, recommends purchasing high-quality coffee from this local shop: The Joshua Cup. Along with the carefully made drinks is an inviting atmosphere that provides Crawfordsville with a unique and enjoyable place to enjoy a drink that can range from a frozen sweet drink to a more strong, hot coffee. Savannah’s recommendation from the menu is an iced chai latte with espresso shots called the Iced Red Eye Chai.  

    Staff member, Mrs. Rainwater enjoys indulging in Starbucks every once in a while. It’s location and drive through makes it very convenient to stop and splurge on a quick treat whether that be a refreshing herbal tea or one of their wide varieties of coffee. The large variety allows the menu to be suitable for many ages and many seasons. Mrs. Rainwater loves Teas and lemonades in the summer and Coffee, lattes, and hot tea in the winter. 

    There are many great places in Crawfordsville in which we can rely on for delicious drinks it all comes down to our preferred taste and preferences. Along with welcoming atmosphere that can serve as a quiet place to work or a perfect place to hold a meeting with classmates and friends.  Which will you stop at for your next treat?

  • Tik Toker's at CHS

    By Kazziah Hayes

    Picture this: It’s  August 2, 2018, you grab your phone, ready to make a musical.ly, only to see that it’s been replaced by a new icon titled “TikTok”. The leaderboard is gone, and all of the top musers aren’t there anymore. Instead of lip syncing and hand gestures  it’s memes and duets of people dancing in their bedrooms. Oh, and #egirl is trending on everyone’s for you page while Mac DeMarco’s- Chamber of Reflection plays in the background. Here I’ve included some interviews from former musers who are now tik tokers. 


    Do you think TikTok and Musical.ly are the same? Or are they two completely different apps? 


    “Nah, Musical.ly was far worse than TikTok. TikTok on the other hand, and I’m afraid to say this, is pretty cool. “


    • Moises Ortiz ‘23



    “I think Tik Tok and musically are completely different. Musically was a fun safe place and had lots of fun influencers. Tik Tok is predator central and there is so much and so many toxic people on there and the influencers these days can't keep a good spot because they are really problematic. Examples: @lilhuddy, @acidprincessx3 , @blesiv , @kylerlovesjesus and many more.”


    • Janis Overstreet ‘23, tiktok user: @plovesya2



    “They’re the same but Tik Tok is less innocent than musically and musically has better sounds.”


    • Kadee Vaught ‘23 



    “I think Tik Tok is better because It has more funny videos  and the app does not have that many bad people and everyone can feel like they fit in but Musical.ly was bad because they had cringe videos and their app was toxic.”


    • Brad Hernandez ‘23, tiktok user: @Wafflesthebug



     How much time a day do you spend on TikTok a day? 


    “All day.” 


    • Kadee Vaught ‘23



    “About thirty minutes, I’m not active a lot, but it’s pretty fun.”


    • Moises Ortiz ‘23


    “I think I spend about fifteen hours, sometimes less though.” 


    • Janis Overstreet, tiktok user: @plovesya2


    “If I am bored, an hour or two.” 


    • Brad Hernandez ‘23, tiktok user @Wafflesthebug



    Personally, I prefer TikTok more because it feels more inclusive. I think it’s  because of all the people on there that film in their bedrooms, as opposed to their million dollar L.A hotels. After looking back at my old Musical.ly’s (which are quite cringey if I do say so myself) I am glad Musical.ly is a thing of the past. Now whether you’re team TikTok, or a muser for life, is up to you. 

  • Meet Masch.

    By E. Bowling

    This year at CHS, we have several new teachers. One of the new teachers has a very interesting background, our new AP Bio and Environmental Science teacher, Ms. Maschinot!

    Before working at Crawfordsville, she worked at Purdue University as the Science Extension Specialist for the 4H Youth and Development Program. Prior to that, she taught at E. O. Smith High School in Storrs, Mansfield, Connecticut on Ukon’s campus, and before that, she “did lots of different jobs working for Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati EPA, and other little side jobs”.

    “[I am most excited about] being able to help make a difference in students’ lives,” she said when asked about what she was most excited about working at CHS. “Hopefully also help them become passionate about the topics that we learn about in class.” 

    Currently, Ms. Maschinot is starting up a club focusing on environmental activism. “[I am excited to take part in] developing more clubs, starting a new club focusing on environmental issues. I also love to participate in sports and other school spirit events.”

    Although Ms. Maschinot is a first year teacher, she will quickly become a student favorite among those who choose to work hard and apply themselves.