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Superintendent's Message

The city of Crawfordsville has a long tradition of placing a tremendous amount of importance on education. That philosophy has never been stronger than it is now in our school system, where we proudly carry that tradition forward. Our schools provide an environment where your child will be challenged to reach their potential, supported by a caring faculty and staff throughout their educational journey. We focus on the whole child, not just a number or a test result. Please know that your child is going to receive an excellent education. If your child’s goal is to attend one of the most selective universities in the country, we have the curriculum and courses in place for them to make that possible. If your child’s goal is to gain practical skills that make them immediately marketable upon graduation, we have programs available to fit that desire too. If your child excels at sports, art, music, theatre, or other extra-curricular pursuits, we have top-notch programs where these talents can be developed and maximized. In short, our goal is excellence in everything that we do. We are proud of our schools and proud of our community. Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education as we prepare the students of Crawfordsville for a bright future.   


Dr. Rex M. Ryker
CCSC Superintendent