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CCSC Technology

At Crawfordsville Community School Corporation, we believe that technology must be focused and consistent between grade levels. While the tech department listens to our staff, students, and community in selecting new technologies, our tech purchases are well planned and plotted to last. We do not simply purchase items to have new tech, we purchase tech to fill needs. Much of our technology purchases are building and user driven after collaboration between tech staff, building staff, and administration.

The Crawfordsville Community School Corporation technology department is dedicated to our staff and students in creating, supporting, and maintaining a 21st century learning environment.

Our current network infrastructure consists of redundant fiber connections between all buildings incorporating 10Gb connectivity throughout the corporation. All corporation buildings have controller based, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity. We provide staff and students with BYOD access; however, guest access is limited to special events upon request. Our Internet access capacity is 1Gb and all CCSC internet content is filtered and monitored.

We purchase and maintain various devices for students in our corporation. Our goal is to refresh student technology about every 5 years per building, or when it is determined that the life span of devices are at an end. It is not uncommon for devices to last beyond 5 years in some cases. Devices are broken down according to buildings below.

                CHS: Dell Chromebooks | 1 traditional lab and 1 PLTW lab | 1:1 chromebooks | BYOD - Staff only

                CMS: Dell Chromebooks | 2 Dell optiplex labs | 1:1 with no take home | BYOD - Staff only

                Hoover: Dell Chromebooks | 1 Chromebox lab (LMC) | 1:1 with no take home | BYOD - Staff only

                Nicholson: Dell Chromebooks | 1 Chromebox lab (LMC) | 1:1 with no take home | BYOD - Staff only

                Hose: Chromebook Tubs in Classrooms | 1 Chromebox lab (LMC) | BYOD - Staff only

We use various software to supplement and support instruction and learning. We transitioned to the Google world as most of our schools have been outfitted with 1:1 chromebooks for our students.  Teachers at CHS and CMS have immersed themselves in G Suite while all staff have been moved to GMail.  Elementary teachers have been using Google Classroom while all teachers use Google Meet for at home learning cases. Staff still have MS Office available for use on their CCSC issued windows devices. We have adopted Canvas as our LMS (learning management system) and are using it in grades 6-12, while Google Classroom is available for use at the elementary levels. PowerSchool continues to remain our SIS (student information system).

New Projects and Upgrades:

We were able to take advantage of category 2 e-rate funds and dramatically upgrade our network over the last few years.  We have installed extra access points in areas of need to ease strained WiFi coverage. We upgraded major networking components to incorporate 10Gb connectivity throughout the corporation.   CHS classrooms received new Epson Brightlink 710Ui interactive laser projectors along with new amps and speakers for improved classroom sound and interaction for instruction. Teacher stations were also refreshed in each classroom at CHS and CMS. Upcoming projects include outfitting Nicholson with chromebooks to satisfy growing student needs there and to refresh Hoover staff devices. CHS and CMS will also receive a new set of chromebooks for the upcoming 6th and 9th graders.