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Canvas is a Learning Management System used by staff and students here at CCSC.  The Canvas LMS provides a simple to use, online class presence which can be used by students, staff, and parents for communication, assessments, grading, state standard integration, learning analytics, and much more. To learn more about the K-12 Cavas experience, please click here.


Students may log into Canvas by clicking this link and can find help in the Canvas Student Guide.  Students will need to create a Pairing Code for their parents, guardians, grandparents, or any other individual who you want to view your Canvas account.  You'll need to create a code for each individual.

Teachers may long into Canvas by clicking this link and can find help in the Canvas Instructor Guide.

Parents - To activate a Parent account in Canvas K-12 start by clicking here.  This account can be used to view your child's upcoming assignments, due dates, and other course content.  Please keep in mind that teachers use Canvas in different ways, some teachers may only be using calendars, while others might be using calendars, assignments, and much more.  To add a student to your parent account, please follow this walkthrough; your student will need to create a code for you. Once your Parent account is active, you'll want to set your notification preferences found here.  Additionally, parents can view the short video below for the parent registration and student observation overview.

Canvas Student Overview

Canvas Overview for Students

In this video, you will get a brief overview of the Canvas user interface. (Last updated 2016-12-16) To view subtitles for this video, click the CC button in the tool bar and select a language.