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CCSC Curriculum Maps



The Crawfordsville Community School Corporation curriculum maps were created by a team of lead teachers representing grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. The curriculum team analyzed the Indiana Academic Standards, identified developmentally appropriate learning expectations for each grade level, and outlined specific skills students need in order to be successful at grade level and as they progress through school.

The curriculum provides common goals and targets across the school corporation, which will build consistency and shared expectations for student learning. The curriculum focuses on providing students opportunities to apply what they know in different situations as well as preparing students for state required assessments.

The lead teachers based the curriculum upon their experience, expertise, a variety of resources, input from their grade-level peers, and the Indiana Academic Standards. The goal of the team was to develop a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, one that emphasizes grade-level learning expectations and prepares students for their future. Another goal of the team was to continue to seek and utilize feedback from their peers to make improvements to the curriculum. 

Although the curriculum includes common timelines for implementation of the Indiana Academic Standards, the classroom teacher continues to have the flexibility to accelerate learning or to reteach certain skills to meet the needs of the students. The creativity and strengths of the teacher continue to be the most important factor influencing how the students master the curriculum and the Indiana Academic Standards.