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CCSC School Board Honored by Indiana School Boards Association

CCSC School Board Honored by Indiana School Boards Association

The Crawfordsville Community School Corporation School Board has been recognized by the Indiana School Boards Association (ISBA) with an Exemplary Governance Award (EGA) for calendar year 2023 for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to professional learning and student success.










Dr. Rex Ryker stated, "Our board's commitment to attending regional meetings and professional development opportunities ensures they are aware of current legislation, educational challenges, and exciting opportunities affecting our students, teachers, staff, and school community." 

The Exemplary Governance Awards (EGA) are conferred annually to school boards across four levels of distinction.

Board awards are based on points earned by each member for attending ISBA seminars, workshops, conferences, and other learning events, as well as the board’s completion of certain additional criteria, such as a retreat with an outside facilitator and goal setting to elevate student achievement outcomes.  Ryker added, "This award required each board member to engage in a set number of hours of professional development.  Each of our board members has a career and family but still finds time to devote to our schools and to develop as a board member."       

This year, 105 school boards are receiving awards through the EGA program.

“On behalf of ISBA, I would like to commend this most exceptional group of school boards and school board members,” said ISBA Executive Director Terry Spradlin. “School boards perform a vital public service for their communities, and board members who actively participate in professional learning are better equipped to perform their duties effectively and meet the needs of their students.”

The honorees will be formally recognized during ISBA’s Spring Regional Meetings taking place across the state during the month of April.

In addition to the board-level awards, ISBA is presenting individual EGA awards to 270 school board members.

ISBA provides a full range of professional learning opportunities at dozens of events throughout the year to inform and educate school board members about best practices, legislative issues, policy development, school law, and more.

For more information about ISBA’s EGA program requirements and to see the full list of individual and board award recipients for the 2023 award year, please visit