CMS Academics

  • Crawfordsville Middle School has been on a traditional, seven-period schedule for several years.  In fall 2016 Crawfordsville Middle School added an Advisory period as an 8th period each day. Regular classes are 48 minutes in length, Advisory is 20 minutes in length, and passing periods last five minutes.  Advisory each day provides for students to get individual “check in” time with their Advisor, homework help, silent reading time, and weekly social/emotional and academic guidance lessons in order to help students be more successful.  The school doors open at 8:15 a.m., first period begins at 8:42 a.m., and the dismissal bell rings at 3:50 p.m. Students may eat breakfast from 8:15 until 8:35 a.m. Teachers and students have a 30-minute lunch period.


    Crawfordsville Middle School students are provided core curricula of language arts, mathematics, science/ health, social studies, physical education and related arts. Language arts and math classes are taught at SPED self-contained, corrective, general, and advanced levels. Students who take Algebra 1 and Spanish 1 may earn high school credit.


    Crawfordsville Middle School’s curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students. EL classes are offered to non-English speaking students. Students with high achievement and motivation for learning are placed in the Accelerated and Enriched (A&E) program’s advanced core classes. A majority of special education students are serviced in fully inclusive co-taught general education classrooms with the support of a resource room while others are taught in self-contained SPED classrooms.