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Language Arts 8

  • Study vocab on Quizlet: My username is "TuttleVocabulary."

    May 15-19

    Finish Bull Run. Quiz on Tuesday.

    Work on Whirligig Thesis essay all week whenever there is time during NWEA testing or on Friday.

    May 8-12

    Monday:  Whirligig Test. Begin thesis essay. Read Bull Run before Civil War Day on Friday.

    May 1-5

    Monday:  Quiz over chapters 1-6. Discuss MOTIFS.

    Tuesday-Thursday: We will finish the book in class.


    Weekend homework for April 29-30. 

    Finish reading chapter 5 of Whirligig and read all of chapter 6, Bellevue, Washington.

    There will be a reading comprehension quiz on Monday, May 1, over chapters 1 through 6.


    April 14 to 28:

     During ISTEP testing, complete the assignments on the novel Whirligig that are on last week's HW page.

    When we meet again this week, we will review the chapters you have read. We will discuss how to summarize the whirligig chapters, and we will continue with Brent's journey.



    April 17 to 21:

    Begin the novel Whirligig. We will read most of the odd-numbered chapters (Brent chapters) in class together.  You will read the even numbered chapters (Whirligig chapters) yourself.

    Chapter 1 vocabulary quiz will be next Monday, April 24.  You may study on Quizlet.

    Your top priority during ISTEP testing (when I'm not seeing you) is turning your Holocaust Reflection Essays in on Canvas.

    Also, read chapters 2, 3, and 4. Complete the worksheet about Brent's identity using information from chapters 1 and 3.



    April 3 to 13:

    Students gave speeches, sharing their Holocause Heroes with the class.

    Holocaust Responsibility activities: Students work in groups in class to discuss and assess the relative responsibility of a variety of bystanders and perpetrators involved in the Holocaust. At the end of this activity, students will write two reflective essays about the unit and its effect on them.

    Holocaust Reflection writing assignment: See Canvas.


    March 20 to March 24

    Monday-Discussion of citizen involvement/bystanders

    Tuesday-Complete discussion.  Begin research project on Holocaust Heroes.

    Wednesday: Continue research

    Thursday: Continue Research

    Friday: Works cited presentation


    March 13 to March 17

    Monday- Finish Anne Frank: The Whole Story.

    Tuesday- Discussion about human nature using Great Depression and Holocaust material as a guide.

    Wednesday: Reading about censorship and propaganda. 

    Thursday: Canvas discussion about the Holocaust.

    Friday: Discussion

    March 6 to March 10

    Monday-Finish The Cage

    Tuesday-Friday:  Grammar sentences and Anne Frank.

    February 28 to March 3

    Monday- Final Unit Test over novel, No Promises in the Wind. Begin reading The Cage.

    Tuesday-Wednesday: Discuss early chapters of The Cage.  Read through ch 13 for tomorrow. Watch intro video about Lodz, Poland.

    Thursday: Read, discuss, review short history video. Consider Dr. Seuess political cartoon.

    Friday: Read, plus a video.

    Finish the entire book, The Cage, for Monday, March 6. This will enable us to watch the movie of Anne Frank during class.


    February 20 to February 24

    Monday- No school.

    Tuesday: Quiz over No Promises in the Wind, chapters 6-7-8

    Wednesday:Continue reading--finish the book for Friday

    Thursday: Discuss. Finish the book before Friday's class.

    Friday: Short reading check quiz.  Begin study guide.

    February 13 to February 17

    Monday: Verbals

    Tuesday: Library plus Quizlet study

    Wednesday: Vocab Quiz

    Thursday-Friday: Reading chapters 6-7-8.

    February 6 to February 10

    Monday- Finish chapter 3.

    Tuesday: Grammar: Active Voice/Passive Voice

    Wednesday: Grammar review, plus reading.

    Thursday: Discuss and read.

    Friday: Quiz over chapters 3 through 5.

    January 30-February 3

    Monday-Vocabulary quiz

    Tuesday: Group work on character relationships in chapter 1, No Promises.

    Wednesday: Continue character review plus lesson on analyzing quotations

    Thursday: Short "essay" addressing one claim about Josh and his dad, properly analyzing evidence.

    Friday: Finish essay.  Continue reading chapter 3.

    January 23-27

    Monday-Tuesday:  NWEA Language Arts test. After the test finalize your essay on The Giver and turn in, then work on independent study questions and vocabulary for No Promises in the Wind.

    Wednesday: Work day:  Finish reading chapter 2 of No Promises. Complete study questions. Grammar practice.

    Thursday: Discuss chapters 1 and 2 of No Promises.

    Friday: Quiz over chapters 1 and 2--reading comprehension.  Work on Vocab 2 list. Quiz over Vocab 2 will be Monday, January 30.  There will be a 4-level grammar quiz also.


    January 16-20

    Monday:  No school.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

    Tuesday:  Last day in class to work on paper.  If you have more to do and can't finish it at home, then you will need to stay after on Tuesday or Wednesday to use the school computers.

    Wednesday: Begin novel: No Promises in the Wind.

    Thursday-Friday: NWEA Reading Test

    January 9-13

    Monday:  Vocab words for Friday quiz.  Introduction to "thesis essay."

    Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: Work on Comparison/Contrast thesis essay.

    Friday: Quiz over Vocab List #1.  Finish thesis essay.

    January 2-6

    Tuesday and Wednesday: Get vocab homework assignment. Vocab pages due Friday.  Quiz will be next Friday, January 13.

    Grammar review--problem verbs.  Begin comparison/contrast lessons for next essay.

    Thursday: Comparison/contrast continued. Review The Giver, book and movie.

    Friday: Quiz over problem verbs.


Language Arts 7


    Homework is always self-selected reading--100 minutes per week.

    Study vocab on Quizlet: My username is "TuttleVocabulary."


    May 15 to 19

    Continue with punctuation rules. NWEA Testing.  Movie on Friday: Freedom Riders.

    May 8 to 12

    Monday, Seedfolks Test.  Tuesday, in-class Seedfolks Essay. Rest of the week: punctuation rules.

    May 1 to 5

    Seedfolks read-aloud. Students take notes to be used with a later test.

    Daily grammar practice.  Grammar quiz on Friday, May 5.


    April 24 to 28

    Freedom Walkers this week.  We will work on objective summaries. Friday, we will begin the novel Seedfolks.

    April 17 to 21 and April 24 to 28

    Students will continue with ISTEP punctuation review. Sometime during the week, they will begin a non-fiction book: Freedom Walkers.

    ISTEP testing is this week for 7th graders.  If your poetry packet is not turned in--that is, shared in the class folder so I can print it--then please get it finished.

    After ISTEP, we will read Freedom Walkers and work on comprehension and short summaries.


    April 3 to 13

    Students will read a short novel-in-verse called "Love That Dog" and will write a set of their own poems.