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  • Welcome to my class page where you'll find helpful information including class assignments, homework, and links.  Weekly assignments and posted homework is pre-planned and may change according to class progress. Please feel free to email me if you have questions about assignments, homework, or student progress.

Social Studies 6

  • Week of May 15 - 19

    Mon:  Industrial Revolution project, due at the end of class tomorrow.

    Tue:   Industrial Revolution project, due today.

    Wed:  World War I power point, notes.

    Thur:  World War I power point, notes.

    Fri:  World War I video.  World War II.


    Week of May 22 - 26

    Mon:  World War II.

    Tues:  World War II.

    Wed:  Finish World War II.  End of year assessment.

    Thur:  End of year assessment.

    Fri:  Last day activities.

Social Studies 7


    Week of May 15 - 19

    Mon:  Women and child labor in Africa.

    Tues:  Continuing problems in Africa.

    Wed:  Success stories in Africa.

    Thurs:  Africa test.

    Fri:  End of year assessment.  Australia/New Zealand checklist.


    Week of May 22 - 26

    Mon:  Australia/New Zealand checklist.

    Tues:  Australia/New Zealand checklist.

    Wed:  Australia/New Zealand checklist.

    Thurs:  Complete Australia/New Zealand checklist.

    Fri:  Last day activities.