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  • Trying New Things

    By Alfonso Monge  

    As many have noticed that earlier this week we had free food samples being given out. The idea was to give our students some slight new flavors into the food diet here at CHS. There were main three options. Flame focused more on meat and burgers. Roost on different types of chicken. Bokchoi one with more Asian inspired dishes with a flare of American flavors.

    Each day everyone could vote on which was their favorites. It seems the chicken and burger like food was popular with the Asian inspired food coming close behind in last. It’s yet to be seen if these foods will join the menu in the future but with positive reception from the students and faculty; it’ll be surprising if they don’t join the menu.


  • The Election

    By Alfonso Monge

    It seems political ads were coming from left and right. A wave of ads talking about Sleeping Joe Donnelly and Mike Braun’s ties to china. It seem like it would never end. Indiana had the most ads air this year than any other state. Yet as the 2018 midterm election fads from our minds, many should now the results in both our community and in the wider nation.

    Starting with local elections, in terms of our school board it remains unchanged. Our school board is still being led by incumbents Ellen Ball, Kathy Brown and Kent Minnette. Also according to the Journal Review, failed candidate Jeff Bannon, lost by at least 30 votes.

    In terms of the congress race in our district, district 4, it was between Republican Jim Baird and Democrat Tobi Beck.  Baird ended up with 64.1% of the vote. Beck ended up 35.9% of the vote. Also incumbent Indiana Secretary of State, Connie Lawson, ended up keeping her seat by beating Jim Harper.

    With the largest election in the state also was decided. The race for one of Indiana’s senate seats drew national attention. Incumbent Joe Donnelly had an uphill battle being one of the most vulnerable democrats in the senate. The Republican challenger was Mike Braun, an Indiana business man. In a close election Donnelly got 44.4% with Braun winning with 51.7%.

    With the ads and excitement leaving it holds true and Indiana is now dominated by Republicans in the US senate. What will come of all of this is yet to be seen. Yet, recorded amounts of voters came out this election and that seems that won’t be stopping.

  • A Curious Incident

    By Sara Adams


    For many students, the past four weeks may have been a boring event, but for the cast of A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, it has been a blur. Every evening, the cast meets in either the library or the auditorium to run lines, block scenes, and put together an outstanding performance.

    The show centers around Christopher Boone, played by sophomore Sam Doty, a teenager with autism trying to figure out who killed Mrs. Shears’ (played by junior Sara Adams) dog. Along the way, he learns shocking truths about his dad (played by North Montgomery senior Chase Newkirk), his mom (played by junior Haley Burke), and the world outside of Christopher.

    The show will provide audiences with an evening full of drama, plot twists, and laughs; but most importantly, offer a new perspective. The cast hopes to see you there November 16th and 17th in the auditorium.



    Christopher Boone … Sam Doty, Sophomore

    Ed Boone … Chase Newkirk, NMHS Senior

    Judy Boone … Haley Burke, Junior

    Siobhan … Isabella de Assis-Wilson, Junior

    Mrs. Shears / Voice One / Man with Socks / Punk Girl … Sara Adams, Junior

    Roger Shears / Uncle Terry … ICA Freshman Evan Baldwin

    Mrs. Gascoyne / Drunk Two / Ms. Thompson / Voice Three  … Makenzie Montero, Senior

    Station Policeman / Voice Six … Grace Richardson, Junior

    Mrs. Alexander … Annie Wilson, Junior

    London Police Officer / Mr. Wise / Information / Voice Five / Man Behind Counter … Emma Richardson, Freshman

    Drunk One / Voice Four / Posh Woman/ Duty Sergeant  … Alyssa Myers, Senior

    Reverend Peters / Shopkeeper / Voice Two / Station Policeman / No. 40 / Lady in Street… Elizabeth Bowling, Freshman


    Director: Barry Pool

    Producer: Mrs. Turner



    Faith Galbert

    Delaney Gobel

    Blake Froedge

    Kyler Morgan