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  • Fall Break 

    E. Bowling 

    What are you doing over Fall Break? Chances are, just hanging out at home. That’s okay. 54 students say that is what they will be doing. 5 say they will be attending sports practices, as well as Semi-State Finals for the Cross Country Team, and 19 say they will be working. 2 students say they will be shopping, 3 say they will be spending time with family, and 9 say they will be on vacation. 

    Freshman Peyton Gromoutis is going zip lining in Illinois. The zip line will go over the Mississippi River. He says he has been zip lining before but “It was a just a small zip line; it was nothing like this.” 

    Chris Schemer is moving next week to Lafayette. He will be attending McCutcheon. He says he is excited because his house will have a “bigger house and a yard” but “I will miss Cville because all my friends were like family to me and I will miss them a lot.” 

    Freshman Kelli is having her quinceniera. She says she is excited for “spending time with my friends and just having a good time.”  

    Tayla and Demi Haas will be journeying to New York City over the summer with their mom, aunt, and grandparents. It will be Demi’s first time and Tayla’s second. They will be going to see three Broadway shows, Head over HeelsThe Lion King, and Mean Girls, and will be doing historical city tours. “I got to do them when I went the first time,” says Tayla, “but I’ll get to do a couple that I haven’t got to do before.” Tayla says she is most excited for the Broadway shows. 

    Speaking of shows, Junior Isabella de Assis-Wilson will be performing in Wabash College’s production of Frankenstein. She is the Female Creature. The cast has been practicing the show for a month and a half. Isabella says she is “excited to finally have an audience after rehearsing so much.” 

    Freshman Jesse Watson and Sophomore Gracie Hutchison are going with their families to the Albanese Candy Factory. It was Gracie’s dad’s idea, they say. The two of them are big fans of the candy store, and they are most excited to see the inside of the store.  

    Freshman Kyle Fruit is going with his mom to see Niagara Falls. They are going to view it from the US side, not the Canada side, but he is really excited. They have been talking about going since January. He is excited, and he “really wants to see it”. 

    Freshman Talon Short is going to South Carolina, to do “anything and everything”. 

    Zoe Pettit is going to Disney World over Fall Break. She will be attending their annual Halloween Party, along with her family. They will be dressing up as the Incredibles. Zoe will attend as Violet. She is most excited to meet the Princesses. 

    As everyone can see, even though CHS students will be going far and wide over Fall Break, they will all be having a great time! 

  • Frankfestive

    By Sara Adams

    Have you been dying to get in the Halloween Spirit? Do you enjoy classic literature and plays? If you answered yes to either question, the Carnegie Museum has got you covered. On October 6th the Carnegie Museum will host a Frankenfest from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The festival is free of charge and includes several different activities for people of all ages. Attendees can witness a self-described “live audiobook” in which community members will be reading portions of Frankenstein aloud. The festival will also be showing four movies: Scooby-Doo Frankencreepy! at 10 a.m., Frankenweenie at 12 p.m., Young Frankenstein at 2 p.m., and Frankenstein (1931) at 4 p.m. Guests will also have the opportunity to make slime, bookmarks, monster masks, and decorate a trick-or-treating bag at craft stations in the museum. A “Monster or Misunderstood?” booth will allow guests to weigh in with their opinion on the legendary character.

    Frankenfest is part of the statewide “One State/One Story: Frankenstein” program, which is sponsored by Indiana Humanities. The organization awarded Carnegie Museum a grant to hold the festival in addition to a statewide reading of Frankenstein this year. The novel was written by Mary Shelley in 1818 and tells the story of a young scientist's grotesque creation. CEO of Indiana Humanities, Keira Amstutz believes that it is important that the state read the novel because it “is a powerful book that raises big questions about right and wrong, how we treat other people, and the relationship between science and society.”

    When asked about the event, the Carnegie Museum stated: “We are glad to celebrate the story of Frankenstein, which is still very relevant today and brings together the humanities, science and our community.”

    So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, don’t forget to stop by the Carnegie Museum, located on 222 S. Washington Street, across from the public library.

  • Haunted Jail

    By Gunnar Long

    As Halloween slowly approaches there comes the age old question, what is there to do around here? For many students trick and treating is out of the question. Yet, it seems everything in Crawfordsville during Halloween is aimed at children. There are events happening out of town, but for some students, it’s hard to get a ride. Yet, there is an event happening inside town very soon: The Haunted Jail.

    The Haunted Jail has been around for years, yet, many always forget about it. The jail has been in town for as long as many can remember. Yet, it holds and interesting legacy in the United States. It holds one of the last rotary jails in the country. A rotary jail acted a lot like a carousel, it rotated leaving cells to be put into different positions. In most of these prisons, due to the lay out of the cells, only one prison cell could be accessed at a time.

    It holds a fascinating history and can be a nice change of pace this Halloween. For something a little different for the spookiest night of the year, the haunted jail is the place for you.

  • Feast of the Hunter's Moon

    By KJ Smith, Editor

     One of the most historical events in Indiana is back again for another year. The Fest of the Hunters Moon will be taking place this weekend at Fort Ouiatenon in Lafayette, Indiana. For those of you who don’t know what the Feast is, it is a cultural experience that take you back to the time of the first European settlers in Indiana. There are lots of cool things to experience, including cricket, Native American dances, and lots of great food to eat. The Feast is expected to have another record breaking year. It will be held the Saturday and Sunday and you can buy your tickets at the site. Make sure to bring lots of money and enjoy your time at The Feast of the Hunters Moon.