CCSC Vision and Goals

  • Vision of the Corporation:

    The vision of the Crawfordsville Community School Corporation is to provide each student with a foundation for building a successful future as a responsible, productive citizen in a global society.


    Mission and Goals of the Corporation:

    The mission and goals of the Crawfordsville Community School Corporation are to:

    Support a variety of paths to academic success and lifelong learning.

    • Emphasize student focused instruction appropriate to different needs and learning styles
    • Expect high levels of academic achievement for all students as measured by standardized assessments
    • Utilize our organizational structure to create opportunities to maximize student achievement
    • Support teacher and administrator efforts to integrate learning across disciplines
    • Support pre- and post-educational opportunities where possible
    • Expect instructional excellence from all teaching staff

    Support character education and character development in the school community.

    • Support, model, and commend upholding the six pillars of character at all levels, recognizing them as integral learning and life skills
    • Continue character education activities throughout the corporation
    • Promote service learning activities within and beyond the community

    Support the appropriate use of fiscal resources to maintain and enhance the community’s investment in education.

    • Explore opportunities to make our schools more energy efficient and environmentally friendly
    • Continue seeking grants that enhance educational opportunities for students and professional staff
    • Continue proactive involvement in the legislative process as it affects the fiscal integrity of our schools
    • Buildings will be maintained with an emphasis on educational functionality

    Support programs to overcome obstacles that interfere with learning.

    • Ensure a safe, orderly, and positive learning environment
    • Maintain the health, wellness and nutrition program for students and staff
    • Use technology to enhance learning, communication, and organization
    • Continue support for credit recovery
    • Continue to build and develop partnerships with mental health and other service agencies to support students and families

    Support the involvement of parents and community as partners in education.

    • Encourage students and families to participate in educational programs
    • Use community resources to support academic, social, and civic learning
    • Ensure parental and community support and involvement through clear, open, and timely communication
    • Encourage and recognize parental and community support and involvement

    Dated Adopted: March 13, 2014