• Welcome to the chromebook resource page for the CMS 1:1 program.  Within this section of the website you'll find some helpful information including a FAQ section, Insurance information for devices, and the CCSC acceptable use policy that our students and staff agree to abide by before using technology in the school corporation.


    Many of you may be asking why we are implementing a 1:1 chromebook initiative.  The simple answer is that we believe it is what is best for our students at CMS. By choosing chromebooks for our students at CMS, we are able to take advantage of many apps that Google has to offer. Colleges, businesses, even the military are starting to adopt and use Google cloud services.  Furthermore, Google apps work well with other tech we have in place like Canvas, and allows for greater collaboration between student to student, student to teacher, and teacher to teacher. We are excited to move forward and provide our students with new and current experiences with technology.


    Please visit the resources at the left to get more information.