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Food Focus

Mood Boost


Good Food, Good Mood! This innovative program helps elementary and middle school students connect what they eat with how they feel. Emerging research has shown that the foods we eat the most often may have an effect on how we feel, not just physically, but mentally. Regularly eating “Mood Boost” foods containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help to elevate a person’s mood and enhance our sense of well-being.

With the importance of eating fruits and vegetable, Mood Boost features recipes and characters, called Moodies, that focus on six moods: Smart, Happy, Confident, Alert, Strong and Calm. Children get to try new foods associated with each mood, receive recipe trading cards that go with each mood as well as other fun prizes like wristbands and stickers. Ask your student about their favorite Moodie!


Discovery Kitchen


Designed to make nutrition education fun and entertaining by sparking curiosity, discovery, and a sense of adventure, Chartwells chefs and dietitians have worked together to create Discovery Kitchen. This program provides a curriculum that get kids cooking, trying new foods, and learning about what they’re eating. Each month, Discovery Kitchen lessons, events and culinary demonstrations feature a different theme. Some of these themes include: Bring on Breakfast, Seed to Table, Smart Snacking and Plant Power. Students love learning about new ways to keep their bodies healthy!  


Student Choice


Student Choice gives middle and high school students a voice in deciding what food concepts are featured and new menu items available in the cafeteria. The program brings the latest food trends to school menus. Students will be presented with three new restaurant-inspired concepts and be able to taste test the different recipes within the concepts. They will then use a voting system to let us know if they “Love it” or Lose it”. The winning concept will become a regular in the daily or weekly menu rotation within the cafeteria. Examples of concepts that your student may see include themes like Big City Barbeque, Made to Melt and Market Fresh. As always our goal continues to be “Serving Up Happy and Healthy” meals!