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Hoover Spelling Team Wins First

Hoover spell bowl team

The Hoover Spell Bowl Team, coached by Special Education Teacher Tonya Michael, placed 1st in the orange division at the Annual Spell Bowl Academic Competition held at West Lafayette Intermediate School. While nine Hoover spellers went to the competition, only eight students are able to compete. Each participant was given seven words for a team total of 56 words. The Hoover team completed the competition with an impressive 23 correct words. Words were quite challenging at this year’s competition and included words such as, jurisprudence, Addis Ababa, fjord, and ventriloquist.
Hoover students are (Back row) Elliot Hamilton, Vedanti Kiran, Geenesis Valle-Zuniga, Rayleigh Lee, Hailey Lobaugh,
(Front row) Vera Gobel, Carli Bokhart, Jaycen Posthauer, Ethan Harshman.