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Hoover plants seeds for future athletes

Recently, Hoover Principal Marci Galinowski presented the following history of the CCSC elementary athletic program. The athletic tradition has remained in the schools and has also carried through family generations with former players becoming coaches, and then becoming fans to grandchildren who have become players. One thing is for sure, while the program has evolved and grown over the years as changes have been made corporation-wide, the longstanding tradition of CCSC providing opportunities to students has remained constant.

The Crawfordsville Elementary School athletic program started with five schools, which provided students in grades 5 and 6 the opportunity to meet other students who attended the other city elementary schools before joining together at Tuttle Middle School. When 6th grade moved out of the elementary schools, the program transitioned to a 5th grade program.  

The original teams included:

• Willson Broncos - Blue & White

• John Beard Cougars - Orange & Black

• Hose Hornets - Gold & Blue

• Hoover Tigers - Gold & Green

• Nicholson Destroyers - Green & White

*Also changed the name to Nicholson Knights

• Mills School did not have a team because they only served students through third grade.

The program evolved again around 1996 from having one team at each school to two teams at Hose, Nicholson and Hoover. Around this time, Willson became the Kindergarten Center. Beard and Mills had been closed, but the other three elementary schools continued to compete.

The program changed again when the elementary schools reorganized to the current building grade level organization of K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. The program continued with six teams of 5th graders, all attending Hoover School who practiced and competed against each other. Team names were changed to be known together as the Hoover Tigers and team uniforms were in the colors of Gold & Green. Eventually, budget cuts and loss of gym space at Hose and Nicholson moved all practices and games back to the Hoover gym. Team colors were changed when Hoover School was renovated in 2016 from the Gold and Green to Gold and Blue to create solidarity with CMS and CHS. Hoover currently hosts four teams during each sports season. Hoover averages 48 student athletes every season (about 25% of the 5th grade class) with every sport offered at Hoover. Opportunities exist for students to participate in Co-Ed Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, and Track.

In 2013 Mrs. Reese, our current elementary athletic director started the Hoover 5K run upon receiving a Fuel Up to Play 60 grant. While no longer part of the grant, Hoover continues to hold the 5K run each year under the guidance of Hoover 4th grade teacher and CHS Cross Country Coach, Megan Craig. Hoover students also have the opportunity to participate in other CCSC athletic opportunities such as the elementary dance team with the help of CHS dance coach, Tami Haas. Youth Football and wrestling are offered through programs organized by our CHS sports coaches.

The Elementary Sports/Athletic Program is a long tradition for Crawfordsville Elementary Students. Generations of families have participated in elementary athletics. Current examples of the long time tradition would be the:

Morrison family: Grandfather -Tim Hudson  Hoover Tiger-Basketball, Father - Aaron Morrison - a Hoover Tiger-Basketball, and children - Chloie and Taylor Morrison now Hoover Tigers-Basketball Players.

Former elementary athletes are also giving back and supporting this tradition. Here is a small example of this: Brian Thompson, a Willson Bronco, is now officiating our basketball games. Carrie Jones, a student and athlete from the Nicholson Knights, has coached Volleyball at Hoover, Tennis at CHS, and now has a child, Lily Jones, playing both Volleyball and Basketball at Hoover. Megan Foster, a Hoover Tiger, came back to teach and coach volleyball at Hoover.

Jennifer Coyle was a Hoover Tiger who won the city Championship in 1985, came back to Crawfordsville Schools to teach and coach for a Nicholson team. She is now the principal at Nicholson.

Jen Lowe, Hoover Computer Instructor, was a Hoover student and athlete. Her husband, Scott Lowe, was also a Hoover Tiger, athlete, and coach. Their son Jake has coached Basketball for Hoover and CMS, and helps lead the youth football program. His children are also Hoover athletes.

Scott Lowe was a student-athlete at Nicholson, who won the city Championship the year he participated, in the 1973-74 school year.  Jack Larson, Linda Sabol, and Bob Sabol were coaches.  Scott Lowe coached for Crawfordsville for many years. Jake, Scott’s son, played and also coached his own son and daughter’s teams.  Jack Larson coached for many years as well.  

Mrs. Kristy Reese, PE teacher and Elementary Athletic Director, was a Willson Bronco. She also returned to teach and coach volleyball at CMS, Track and Gymnastics at CHS, and Volleyball at Hoover Elementary School. All three of Mrs. Reese’s children played in the elementary athletic sports program.

Hoover Athletics appreciates every adult choosing to work with our kids. The Elementary Athletic - Sports Program has a strong tradition in the Crawfordsville Schools. Hoover staff believe that athletics is an important part of our students’ development and it helps our students to become stronger and more successful future athletes at CMS.

Hoover continues to teach the games, improve individual skills, and inspire our students to do their best. We believe in motivating every student to have fun, be active, and lead a healthy active lifestyle.

We also encourage students to share their talents by giving back or serving others when possible.

Mrs. Reese said “To be a part of the Elementary Athletic Program is an awesome opportunity to make a positive difference in a child’s life.” Hoover is thankful for the support given to the Elementary Athletic Program.

Crawfordsville Elementary

Athletics - Sports Program Athletic Directors:

Athletic Director - Don Fine - Before 1977; Michael Barton also ran a Flag Football program for the elementary schools. Assistant Director - Brian Norris -1977 and 1978; Athletic Director - Brian Norris 1979 - 2009; Assistant Director - Kristy Reese - 1986 - 2009; Athletic Director - Kristy Reese - 2010 - now; Assistant Director - Ann Stanley 2013 - 2020; Assistant Director - Hannah Lafever - 2020 - now; The Elementary Schools played each other in Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football and Track & Cross Country.