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Nicholson triples goal for AHA

The Nicholson Elementary community has raised $9,251.94 for the American Heart Association in their recent fundraising efforts. This marks a record amount raised since physical education teacher, Mrs. Laura Newman, brought the fundraiser to the school in 2014-15. 

Throughout the project, students discussed heart disease and complications, the importance of taking care of our hearts, and how we can help others with heart defects or issues. Heart education will continue through the rest of the school year. 

Nicholson set a goal of $3,000, but the Nicholson Knights and Crawfordsville community tripled the amount! Students spread the word about the American Heart Association through social media, phone calls, and emails to friends and family reaching donors from Texas, Minnesota, Kentucky, and several other states.

Principal Jennifer Coyle was impressed, to say the least, “I am always blown away by the caring hearts here at Nicholson. Students are always looking for ways to show kindness and compassion to others. I am so proud of them!”