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Wabash swim team connects with kindergarten class

The Wabash College swim team has partnered with Mrs. Pendleton’s kindergarten class to bring students of multiple ages together to learn. Mrs. Pendleton’s son Jack is a sophomore on the swim team, and in talking with Wabash Swim Coach Will Bernhardt she learned the team was looking for a positive community outreach opportunity.
“Wabash [College] is a positive influence in our community in a lot of ways that people don’t know about because they find small, quiet ways to be involved,” Hose teacher JeneAnne Pendleton said. For her, this was a way to bring a team of positive role models into her classroom.
It also makes learning fun for the kindergarten students when they have these young men showing interest in what they are learning and interacting with them. “They are listening to [the kindergarten students] and conversing with them,” Pendleton said. “They love to play together.”
Members of the team have visited once so far during learning centers and also read stories to them.
Another visit from the entire team is planned for January, including a special appearance of Wally, the Wabash College mascot.