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Hose learns about food and feelings

Throughout November, students at Hose Elementary have been participating in a fun nutrition program called Mood Boost. Mood Boost is designed to help elementary and middle school students connect what they eat with how they feel, both physically and mentally. With the importance and focus on getting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, Mood Boost provides featured recipes and characters called Moodies focusing on six moods: Smart, Happy, Confident, Alert, Strong, and Calm.
Each Wednesday, kindergarten and first graders excitedly entered the cafeteria for lunch to discover and learn the weekly Moodie. Food samples associated with each mood were passed out to students by the executive chef and dietitian. Students were encouraged to at least try a bite. Some of the favorites included sunflower seed butter and celery, cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, and guacamole with carrots.
The enthusiasm continued throughout the week as Mood Boost foods were featured on the serving line for the students to enjoy at lunch. Student also received trading cards with recipes and stickers with the colorful Moodie characters on them. The Mood Boost program is a great addition to the nutrition education offerings at our school and so much fun for the students!