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A Commitment to Academic Excellence

Crawfordsville Community School Corporation is committed to academic excellence and student success at all grade levels.

Laura Hose is an elementary school that houses students in kindergarten and first grade. There, several programs are in place to ensure academic success. Often, students arrive at the beginning of their Kindergarten year performing below grade level in basic skills such as Math and Reading. But, thanks to the efforts of a very dedicated administration, faculty and staff, most of these students leave Hose with the skills necessary to enter second grade.

Hose Elementary is a Title 1 and Title 3 school, providing it extra support in reading school wide and special services for all English Language Learners. Also, Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) testing is conducted three times a year to access students to determine those who might need more academic support. NWEA testing is being conducted at all grade levels in the Crawfordsville School Corporation.

 At Hose, all teachers utilize hands-on class activities and learning centers that appeal to young learners. After school, the grant-funded Discovery Club provides homework help for students, especially those who need it the most.

Meredith Nicholson Elementary houses students in the second and third grades. Like Hose, Nicholson has a very dedicated group of teachers that have worked tirelessly to create standards-based curriculum maps. These maps, designed to “map” out where each of the Indiana State Standards are to be taught throughout the school year, are now being developed and instituted corporation wide. These pacing guides ensure that each standard is being covered and reviewed several times each school year.

At Nicholson, teachers of the same grade level meet every Thursday to work collaboratively on classroom challenges, share successes and touch base on the pacing guides. Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are also utilized at Nicholson where teachers are placed in small groups. These groups meet periodically to discuss issues that affect academic achievement such as school culture, safety and other matters.

Mollie B. Hoover is an elementary school for students in grades four and five and has been distinguished as an “A” school by the state of Indiana for several years. Continuing this commitment to academic excellence, Hoover’s hard working and dedicated administration, faculty and staff has instituted full inclusion for special services classes. In this model, special services students are integrated into regular classrooms where regular education and special services teachers co-teach the students.

Hoover also has a one-hour after-school homework/tutoring club. Teachers and staff help students complete their homework in a quiet setting for the first half-hour. During the second 30- minute segment, students receive academic support in areas that are identified as opportunities for growth. Hoover students may also join academic teams such as the Geography and Spelling Bees. Also, intervention groups are used to help students achieve academic success.

At Crawfordsville Middle School, a very dedicated staff is working with a district consultant to write curriculum maps with the goal of providing rigorous and viable curriculum for all students. CMS is also dedicated to full inclusion for special services students. In Language Arts and Math, regular and special education teachers follow a co-teaching model to better serve all students and assist them in obtaining higher academic achievement. Also, CMS has what’s referred to as the Career Café, where educated community members are invited to come into the building during lunch to speak to students about their professional careers and the steps that are necessary to pursue that career.

Administrators, teachers and staff at the beautiful Crawfordsville High School, an A-rated school, challenge students to reach their highest level of academic excellence by encouraging every student to be an active participant in the learning process. CHS helps each student by identifying and promoting opportunities to strengthen high quality classes such as AP and dual credit courses that allow students to receive high school credits as well as college credits. CHS is also proud of its commitment to monitoring and helping at-risk students to ensure they keep on track to graduate on time by offering remediation and credit recovery courses.

By hosting the SAT and ACT, Crawfordsville High School provides its students a more relaxed setting for taking the tests. And CHS is continually evolving its curriculum to meet the changing demands, expectations and realities for today’s graduates.

As a final exclamation point to its academic success, CHS has had numerous students selected as finalists or commended for the National Merit Scholarship. In fact, over the past 25 years, CHS has produced no less than 27 finalists and 43 commended scholars. The school has also become successful in having students selected to receive the Lilly Endowment Scholarship based on their academic guidance.

Throughout its storied history, Crawfordsville Community Schools have always had a reputation for academic success. That commitment to student achievement continues today at all grade levels.