Warrior Dash


This year, the Warrior Dash kicked off the fall season in a pretty underwhelming way. The entire event as a whole was actually really entertaining and interactive with how hospitable everyone was, but the dash itself left much to be desired. The main course that most contestants participated on had many of the same obstacles as the years prior, and many that are returning participants found themselves conquering the beasts with ease. Not all the obstacles were cake walks despite being familiar. Many contestants found themselves filled with more mud than excitement.

As for the professional course that had the reward of being entered into an actual contest with major money on the line if your within the first few to beat it, it had the benefit of consisting of an almost entirely all returning cast. None of those participating were dissatisfied with the experience and most were mainly bummed they didn’t qualify. Aside from that, it was mud soaked smiles all around. The courses did have a long lasting impression. That impression just so happen to be mild. The rest of the event however, kicked off with a bang.

The crowd wasn’t too different from what was expected, but a change of pace from the occasional variety of faces did alleviate any sensation of a black sheep mentality. The event was clearly targeting adults but a few young adults did make their own time and the over abundance of beer wasn’t negative because of how stacked on alternative beverages they were. The complementary hat and shirt gave a sense of union and the quality was pretty good for items that were offered as complementary gifts upon ticket purchase. Music selection had its fair share of bumps with not everyone liking it at once but its the price they pay when trying a multitude of genres. Food had decent to high quality depending on dish. All the choices had relatively short wait times and many stands didn’t overprice meals. drinks were a different story however.

The event does have merit and value when around peers, but as a solo adventure, it will hardly last anyone over two hours. Without the competitive drive, it’s safe to say that the price of admission pales is too steep a mountain. Despite this, it was great fun and the area looked professionally crafted. Parking did get a good chuckle by how bad it was for patrons entering late, but the trek to and from didn’t feel encumbersome. Overall, the event wasn’t the best, and hopefully the other events this fall will make up for that.