Spring Break Staycation


Starting this Saturday, our beloved Crawfordsville High School will be closing its doors and entrusting us to uphold the Athenian way in our escapades during Spring Break. The question now is how and what are we supposed to do during these moments of liberation? There are some that have thought ahead and plan on enjoying time away like Mrs. Shultz who will partake in all the leisures Florida has to offer. Others have obligations beyond the week of warm winds and might dedicate portions of their time to fine tune their physical feats so as not to let their teams down. Then there's the obvious truth that comes with any high school experience in knowing that the block of time once held by the school is going to be consumed by work. While these choices are all well and good, they'll likely not take all the time in one's day unless uncombined; so the question remains. What do you do when you're not needed elsewhere? 

The obvious decisions would be to enjoy ones youth with the company you've made in relaxing environments like bowling, going to see a movie at the AMC, or just going out for a burger. There's smaller performances that you can make quick plans for, like Travis Dennings in Indianapolis on Friday to kick off your Spring Break. Just finding time with your friends or a special someone can ejoy the statements above or for a smaller budget expenditure strolls along a park or small get together will suffice, It's sufficient to say that the options are limitless and the amount of leisure one can have doesn't need to hold reliance on the company of others. Any day, especially a rainy one could detriment plans and or move the agenda of an excuse to sit back, relax, and binge whatever your heart yearns. Shows like the CW bunch that are currently running have never been given a better opportunity to be caught up with. Upcoming and pre-existing music are doing fantasy like wonders towards our ears and inspire our creative desires. For the Athenians whose hustle doesn't stop when school does, the plethora of music is a treat to enjoy when carving the foundations for your futures. 

Activities like exercise to better one's outlook of oneself will find Spring Break a choice time to start or continue their journey of mental fortitude. Activities like online courses for those trying to reach higher heights or practice your talents are viable uses of time. Anyone could do anything that they felt would put them at ease with themselves. The options are up to you and what you choose to do for your enjoyment.