Radium Girls Lights Up the Stage

Radium Girls Lights Up the Stage

On November twenty-second and twenty-third students of Crawfordsville High School put on Radium Girls, a highly-theatrical play based on a true story, written by D. W. Gregory in 1926. 

          Their play encapsulated a time where luminous watches were all the rage and the radium, used to make them, was considered a miracle cure by Madame Curie. Until the girls who worked in the factories contracted a strange illness, which consisted in the rotting of their jaw bones. Because of this Grace Fryer brings the fight to court against her employer, who can’t believe his factory is the cause. 

          The play was performed in a warm, humorous way by a small cast of around ten people, who carried out the roles of nearly thirty people. With many props such as tables, books, papers, paintbrushes, and of course detailed costumes.

              The students who participated in the play did an exceptional job. Their acting depicted the pain, frustration, and loss that the Radium girls, their families, and even the company’s owners felt. 

             Overall our high schools production of Radium Girls was a great performance that portrayed D. W. Gregory’s story in a remarkable way.