College Go week

Next week Sept. 23-27 CHS will be celebrating College Go week. This is an initiative of Learn More
Indiana and is designed to promote a pro-college atmosphere. Each day on the announcements there
will be a " Tip of the Day" following by a question. The 1st class to call guidance with the correct answer will win a treat for the entire class! You have to be quick on this and your 2nd-period class can only win once.  Also at the end of the day, there will be random drawings for small prizes. Wednesday will be " Show your  College Colors Day&quot, and students and faculty are asked to wear your college apparel. This week look for magazines from Learn More that has some great info about life after high school - some of the questions of the day could possibly come from these magazines. They will be available in English 9 & 10, US History and Govt/Econ classes.